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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

Have you ever lost anything?
Something really precious?
Something of such worth that you’d do anything to get it back?
Jesus had a lot of things to say about lost things. Two of his stories
have captured the minds and hearts of people for centuries.
One story tells about a child who lost his way and wondered whether
he’d ever be welcome home again. That child finally went looking for a
way to come home.
Another story tells about a sheep who wandered off and the shepherd
left the whole flock to find the one. That shepherd went on a rescue
mission for that sheep.
These stories are Easter stories because they help us begin to grasp
the unfathomable truths of what Jesus did, the cataclysmic lengths he
went to to welcome us and bring us home. No matter how far we’ve
wandered, we’re always welcome. And no matter the cost, God is
relentlessly pursuing.
Easter is a celebration of when Jesus made a way for us all to find our
way home.