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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

Sep 26, 2021

Against all odds, God is still moving in real people’s lives. Sam and Emmanuel Acho share personal stories of the importance of

cheering on one another, telling each other difficult truths, and above all, encouraging a deep relationship with God.

Sep 19, 2021

When a young shepherd boy came up against an incredible giant, he ran to meet the challenge because of his confidence in his great God. God had been preparing David all of his life to face that giant and to prepare him for what many might describe as an “unlikely victory.”

Sep 12, 2021

The New Testament Church was a group of unlikely, ragtag leaders who went on to change the world. Because Jesus was their cornerstone, this group of leaders was able to cross all kinds of societal and cultural lines to create a life-changing, world-shaking community.

Sep 9, 2021

God has been working in and through Willow for 46 years—bringing people into eternity-altering relationships with Jesus, mending

marriages, healing families, impacting entire communities, and sharing His Good News across the globe.

As we step into the future together, Senior Pastor Dave Dummitt and the team are...

Sep 9, 2021

  • : How can we deploy people to be the church where we live, work, and play? Hosanna will teach from her new book “How Not To Save the World” which tackles lies we believe that hold us back from sharing the Good News of Jesus with those around us, with a specific focus on believing the lie that our prayers...