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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

Feb 28, 2021

Jesus understood exponential growth. By taking 12 ragtag, misfit men and training them, discipling them...the world turned upside down. We can live lives of exponential impact by following the ways of Jesus to be and make disciples. We also believe that the church is the hope of the world. New churches baptize many more...

Feb 20, 2021

 As a church, we’ve spoken heavily about getting connected into small groups, but we are going to double-down. Part of our NEXT vision is becoming a church OF small groups, not just a church WITH small groups. We want to make “big church...small” with everyone in a group and every group on mission.

Feb 13, 2021

As Christ-followers, we have a unique opportunity to break down barriers and go where the people are, offering real and lasting hope.

Feb 6, 2021

Church can be fun and meaningful at the same time. Albert Tate and Megan Marshman bring their A-game to The Big Game as we wrap our series, “Game On.”