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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

May 11, 2020

We often wonder where strength comes from in times like these, and it can be easy to turn toward external options. But the strongest among us—and especially some of the moms we know—seem to possess a deep-down kind of strength. God longs to strengthen us in our “inner being,” gracing us with an unshakeable...

May 3, 2020

Most of the things in which we trusted are crumbling at the foundations. Perhaps the cracks had already begun to show, but this crisis has fully (and quickly) revealed just how fragile they were all along. Is there something greater in which we can trust? As the headlines shout facts that threaten to overwhelm us, is...

May 3, 2020

When it feels like the whole world is changing, God suggests that one of the ways in which we might cope is by making some changes of our own. God invites us to have our minds changed, renewed, and transformed, reshaping our worry and anxiety into worship and gratitude.