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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

Jun 30, 2019

A Great Gardener
Megan Marshman | June 29 & 30

As the summer heats up, the fruit begins to grow; that’s what plants are made to do, right? But compare apples to apples and
you’ll often find a big difference. Great fruit is the product of a great garden. A great garden is most often made by a great
gardener. John 15...

Jun 24, 2019

Four Little Words
Steve Gillen | June 22 & 22

Four words... four little words with profound meaning tell the story of who God is, who we are, and what is possible. Those
words are: love, sin, justice, and rescue. Love is who God is. Sin is the mess we’ve made. Justice is what’s necessary. And
rescue is what God...

Jun 17, 2019


June 15 & 16  | Steve Gillen

Whether intentionally or accidentally, whether we’re trying or not, fathers and parents of all kinds are always handing down lessons to our children. By watching the things we do, what we say, and the things that are important to us, our kids are...

Jun 10, 2019


June 8 & 9  | Eugene Cho
An appointment, a commitment, a recital, a practice, a lunch, and on and on and on. So much of our time is spent herding our tribes and our lives from one thing to the next, desperate to keep the schedule on track. Is there a way to find relief from the constant hurry? What if we...

Jun 3, 2019

June 1 & 2  | Mike Breaux

Our world is constantly shifting and changing, and each generation faces new challenges and opportunities. But what are the lessons that can stand the test of time? What can the experiences and practices of different generations teach one another about how to handle...