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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

JOHN 17:20-23 | FEB 23-24 | ALBERT TATE
Three years of teaching, ministering, provoking, healing,
and friendship are drawing to a close. Jesus and his
closest friends are gathered for a final meal, a fact only
Jesus fully understands. At the end of the meal, he looks
heavenward and starts to pray: Father, make them one....

Feb 18, 2019

Do As I Do
Garbage. Sewage. Filth. The streets Jesus and his friends
walk aren’t pretty. Neither are their feet. And yet Jesus,
disregarding every cultural norm, gets down on his knees
and washes the feet of his followers. Jesus’ whole mission
on earth was one long act...

Feb 11, 2019

JOHN 11:11-15, 25, 33-43 | FEB 9-10 | STEVE GILLEN

Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, has died. When Jesus arrives, he’s
already been in the tomb four days. Lazarus’ sister, Martha,
tells Jesus, “You’re too late.” But Jesus knows he’s come
at the perfect time. As with all of the miracles John
mentions in his book,...

Feb 3, 2019

A massive crowd is following Jesus, and they’re hungry. As
is often the case, Jesus is the first to perceive their need.
He turns to his disciples, “What do you think we should
do?” They scramble. Then they come up with a hopeless
plan. But Jesus has a plan too, he’s had it the whole time, a
way to use their...