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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

Dec 30, 2019


December 28/29 - Eugene Cho

The Psalms have it all. They reflect the full gamut of human experience and emotion, harboring no-holds-barred doubts, fears, and frustrations alongside sincere worship and praise. The Psalms also hint at the fullness of God, his character, his power, and his willingness to...

Dec 9, 2019

PRISON PACK Weekend December 7 - 8 | Albert Tate

The Christmas story resounds with the message: You are not alone! Extend that message of God’s hope and compassion to some of the most lonely and isolated people this Christmas, the incarcerated. During services, we will assemble gifts for every inmate in the state of...

Dec 2, 2019

Throughout the sweep of the Old Testament, a consistent theme rings out. Whether through temple or tabernacle, in the best and the worst, God longs to be with his people. For generations, God promised to be with them, but the world had to wait for the full fruition of that promise. Finally, in the surprise and miracle...

Nov 25, 2019

On His way to Jerusalem, Jesus passes through a village and comes upon ten people with a terrible thing in common: they all suffer from leprosy. He sends them off to the priest, miraculously healed, but only one returns to thank Jesus. What does this one man’s act of gratitude have to teach us about our own hearts?

Nov 18, 2019

Content in All Circumstances (Philippians 4:10-14)
November 16 & 17 - Albert Tate

Despite the overwhelming blessings most of us enjoy living in Chicagoland (when compared with the rest of the world), it's quite common for us to feel discontent, especially when we compare our situations with others. What Paul teaches,...