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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

Jan 21, 2019

Before this was the calling of
Martin Luther King, Jr., it was the
message of Jesus.

Jesus brought a message of
justice and crossed lines of
prejudice. When we take a look
at the stories, he told we find that
many of the main characters, the
heroes aren’t who we’d expect.
They’re the down-and-out and
the disenfranchised, the hated
and the hurting.

But Jesus didn’t just tell stories
of those kinds of people, he
entered into their stories with

In fact, he went out of his way to
do so.

In John chapter 4 we read the
account of when Jesus took the
path no one expected him to
take so that he could enter into
the story of a lonely woman at a
well. Throughout their encounter,
Jesus knocks down stereotypes,
prejudices, and expectations,
and through this scene, we begin
to see answers to some of our
biggest questions.