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Willow Creek Community Church Weekend Podcast

Faith That Works-How To Pray-Dave Dummitt

Jul 31, 2022

How to speak to God or how to pray can be mysterious, even confusing. Pastor Dave uses James Chapter 5 to teach us how our prayer life can offer a great first defense line or help us step out into unknown and daring places knowing God has got us. And, it is easy! How to pray and speak to God are covered here, plus...

Jul 24, 2022

God created the world by speaking. And when God created us in His image, He gave us the gift of language marked by incredible power. But that power can either build up or devastate and destroy. This week we take a look at the power of our words and how to steward them well.

Jul 20, 2022

Pastor Albert Tate is back with us this week, talking about 'How We Love Matters' and how to get past any judgments

we may hold in order to serve God and love all people well.

Jul 10, 2022

Sharing faith can be tough; there's no doubt. Did you run out and tell everyone when you first became a Christian? Probably not. It can feel awkward, especially when it comes to sharing our faith with non-Christian friends and family. But, as soon as we decide to follow Jesus, sharing our faith and spreading the gospel...

Jul 3, 2022

Why does God allow suffering? How could a 'good' God want to see us in our pain and suffering? The truth is, He doesn't. But He does want us to come to Him with our troubles. God wants to help us in our suffering and gives us a framework to redeem our suffering and use it for good.


Pastor Megan Marshman leads...